Rounding Third

Dec 15, 2005 – Jan 14, 2006

Directed by: Kurt Hartwig

Featuring the talented actors Thomas Rosenthal and Jason Powell, ROUNDING THIRD is a raucous, steroid-free comedy about a Little League coach and his new assistant coach as they try to bring their misfit Little League team into the championships.  That is, if they don’t strangle each other first as they argue over coaching styles, cell phones and dirty socks.  Yes, dirty socks!  Dresser creates a macho comedy that entertains riotously as it slyly examines the male psyche with both aplomb and humor.  Special New Year’s Eve show available—hurry, that night is almost full!  Call for reservations as this “Odd Couple” sports comedy is sure to sell out!  Boulevard’s 24-hour ticket line is 744.5757.  

Scenic /Lighting Designer Michael Dornemann creates a wonderful scenic “playground” as Costume Designer Rod Winkle and Stage Manager Rachel Robinson complete this talented roster of artists.

Rounding Third poster


Feb 2-26, 2006

Directed by: David Oswald

Featuring the talented actors Anita Domnitz, Anne Miller, Brian Bzdawka, and Jim GallagherTHE PLAY ABOUT THE BABY is a shattering dark comedy about a younger couple who are set upon by a mysterious and “theatrical” older couple.  The adventure begins with as the older couple share odd comical stories about their mutual pasts and later turns into a dark emotional inquisition as the older couple reveal their true course of action. Director David Oswald previously staged the Ensemble’s critically acclaimed revival of Beckett’s WAITING FOR GODOT (March, 2004).  Anita Domnitz returns to the Boulevard after scoring a triumphant hit with the standing-room-only production of noted television writer Richard Kramer’s tender comedy THEATRE DISTRICT (“Lola,” December, 2004) while Anne Miller also returns after appearing in a totally sold-out production of Shakespeare’s rollicking TWELFTH NIGHT (“Mariah,” December, 2005).  While Brian Bzdawka makes his Boulevard debut, Jim Gallagher has created a wide range of memorable characterizations at the Boulevard—all attaining SRO status (Larry Shue’s WENCESLAS SQUARE, Robert Anderson’s I NEVER SANG FOR MY FATHER, A.R. Gurney’s MRS. FARNSWORTH)!

Scenic /Lighting Designer Michael Dornemann creates a wonderful scenic environment and Stage Manager George Thomas complete this talented group of artists.


March 16-April 9, 2006

Directed by: Mark Bucher

featuring the talented actors headed by Carol Hirschi (Titania), Jaime Jastrab (Oberon), Amy Kull (Hermia), Jason Grooms (Lysander) and Kathryn Ambler (Puck).

Updated and set in a Greek restaurant in Athens, Texas, the Boulevard’s production features a raucous, down-home feel that fleshes out Shakespeare’s inherent lusty comedy while providing a modern vista (present-day Texas) from which the play’s

seemingly repressive patriarchy can be viewed.  It is Shakespeare’s treatment of the female gender in this oft-produced classic that is clarified by Bucher’s resetting of the piece.  In Boulevard’s treatment, the female characters (Hermia, Helena, Hipppolyta, Titania) are allowed more scope to vent anger, sexuality, and to explore their roles in what was (or remains?) a male-dominated society.  As Shakespeare demonstrates in his later plays (OTHELLO, THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL), he can take a segment of society usually treated as outcasts (minorities, women) and, in his texts, empower them and create an empathetic perspective through which audiences are able to view the outcasts’ dilemmas and, thereby, gain understanding of both one distinct sect of society and the greater whole of humanity. Other members of the cast include: Al Dobyns, Tim Kietzman, Evan Weisfeldt, Bill DeLind, Jason Krukowski, Angela Beyer, Chad Pentler, Bradley Winkler, Chelsea Mayer, Craig Halstead, Maureen Dornemann, and James Jonas.

Scenic /Lighting Designer Michael Dornemann creates a wonderful scenic environment and Stage Manager Chad Piechocki / Assistant Stage Manager Eugene Examitis complete this talented group of artists.


 April 26 – May 7, 2006

Directed by: Mark Bucher

This exciting production features Joe FranseeHoward GoldsteinCynthia PaplaczykDon DevonaKevin Callahan, and Liz Mistele.  Directed by Mark Bucher and stage managed by Milwaukee High School of the Arts Senior Eugene Examitas and assistant stagemanaged by MHSA’s student Emily Mayeshiba.  Pinter’s comedy of menace tells the story of a mysterious lodger, Stanley Webber (Fransee), staying at an English boarding house run by Meg & Petey Boles (Paplaczyk & Devona), the alluring lass Lulu (Mistele), and the two threatening visitors, McCann & Goldberg (Callahan & Goldstein, respectively) who seem to both know Webber and have designs on him.  The play explores facism, subjugation of the human spirit and how the nature of language simultaneously fails and confuses members of society with great cheeky humor, devilish turns of wit and, yet, great humanity.

Beyond Therapy

 Aug 16-27, 2006

Directed by: Mark Bucher

Durang’s delightful urban tale of mismatched lovers (Prudence & Bruce), their equally mismatched therapists (Dr. Wallace & Dr. Framingham), Bruce’s male lover (Bob, the jealous pharmacist who is definitely the “fifth wheel”), and a saucy reform school waiter who all collide romantically is directed by Boulevard’s Artistic Director Mark Bucher.

The talented cast features Milwaukee’s most comically gifted actors and includes Wendi Bazar (Prudence), Cynthia L. Paplaczyk (Dr. Wallace), Joe Fransee (Bruce), Jason Krukowski (Dr. Framingham), and Ryan Dance (Bob).  Set Designer Michael Dornemann, Stage Manager Chad Piechocki, Assistant Stage Manager Siddartha Valicharlavenkata and Costume Designer Edith Head contribute their respective talents to the opening production of Boulevard’s 21st season.

Ms. Bazar (“Prudence”), a New York performer who has appeared with Rennaissance Theatreworks & Fireside Theatre, makes her Boulevard debut with this production.  Ms. Paplaczyk (“Mrs. Wallace”) & Mr. Fransee (“Bruce”) were both recently featured in the Boulevard’s sold-out May, 2006 production of Harold Pinter’s dark comic classic THE BIRTHDAY PARTY.  Ms. Paplaczyk was also featured in the lead role in Boulevard’s raucous staging of Shaw’s comedy THE MILLIONAIRESS & Mr. Fransee starred in the “Bob Hope” role in Boulevard’s critically acclaimed September, 2005 revival of Irving Berlin’s overlooked musical comedy gem LOUISIANA PURCHASE.  Mr. Krukowski (“Dr. Framingham”) scored a comic hit with his appearance as “Demetrius” in the Ensemble’s March staging of Shakespeare’s romance A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM.  Both Mr. Dance (“Bob”) & Mr. Valicharlavenkata (“The Waiter”) make their respective Boulevard debuts with the production of Durang’s saucy comedy.


 SEP 27 – OCT 15, 2006

Directed by: Mark Bucher

Guirgis’s narrative places the timeless question of Biblical betrayal (“Did Judas betray Jesus or merely do Jesus’ bidding?”) at a trial in Purgatory and peoples his courtroom carnival of testifying souls with a parade of witnesses ranging from Mother Theresa to Sigmund Freud.  The playwright uses this celestial setting and raw, adult language to challenge standard definitions of loyalty and redemption with a theatrical coarseness that roughly exposes modern society’s hypocrisy pertaining to loyalty, friendship and forgiveness.

Guirgis’ scriptural challenge and resulting exposure sculpts an urban theatrical portrait of God that is immensely simple in meaning and simply immense in scope.  The result is a spot-on indictment of the smallness of the human mind and stunning testimonial of the yet to be reached potential of the human spirit.

This exciting, sure-to-sell-out production features a cast of 24 Milwaukee actors, including such local notable artists as Jennifer LaPorteCarol HirschiJoe FranseeTom DillonAl Dobyns and 19 other local performers.  So many diverse local actors in such vital, dynamic scripts as Guirgis’ exemplifies Boulevard’s staunch commitment to its mission statement of “providing opportunity to new, emerging and returning talent from all theatrical disciplines” while continuing to stage dynamic theatre in an intimate neighborhood setting.  Boulevard has done so for 21 seasons and is proud to have continued this theatrical contribution to Milwaukee.



 NOV 7-19, 2006

the Milwaukee premiere (by a local theatre) of playwright Samuel Gallu’s one-man Presidential tribute GIVE ‘EM HELL, HARRY! (Wednesday, November 8 – Sunday, November 19, 2006).

Noted local actor Don Devona appears in the title role of President Harry S. Truman.  Mr. Devona has a wide and varied performance history, both in Milwaukee and Europe, where he lived for many years.  His career with America’s armed forces as an adjunct educator brings a rich knowledge of geography, history and politics as well as his previous performance work overseas.  He has also appeared with NEXT ACT THEATRE, CHAMBER THEATRE, & THE FLORENTINE OPERA and has also been featured in previous Boulevard productions, including the smash hit staging of Irving Berlin’s neglected musical gem LOUISIANA PURCHASE (included in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Theatre Critic Damien Jaques’ 2005-2006 season  TopTen List); Robert Anderson’s touching I NEVER SANG FOR MY FATHER (100% sold-out run) and the Milwaukee premiere of Moliere’s THE BUNGLER (as the colorful crooked politician in that production!).

Boulevard Ensemble Artistic Director Mark Bucher stages this timely and entertaining script.  Directorial Assistant Cheryl Ann, Run Manager Katlin Schneider, Scenic Designer Augusta York, Costume Designer Seth Phillips round out the creative team.