Boulevard Theatre auditions

Boulevard Theatre Auditions Announcement


Greetings to all local artists!

We are excited to announce our general auditions at Boulevard Theatre! Here are the details:


Date & Venue

– Friday, 11/24/2023  at The Sugar Maple, 4:30pm to 7pm. (Yes, the day AFTER Thanksgiving)
– If Friday becomes fully booked, we have reserved Wednesday, 11/22, 4:30pm to 7pm as an additional date (the day BEFORE Thanksgiving).

What We Expect

– We’re eager to connect with a diverse range of local artists.

– Please prepare two contrasting monologues, memorized (no holding scripts, phones, tablets). Your total audition time should not exceed 2 minutes. While we understand the passion that might lead to a few seconds over, we appreciate your respect for the time limit. Actors may be asked to work with Boulevard‘s resident artists on one or both of their presented monologues.

– While not mandatory, we encourage you to bring a printed actor’s resume. If you’re unsure about creating one, here are two helpful resources: Creating an Acting Resume & What Belongs on an Actor’s Resume

Ideally, have your headshot stapled to the back of the resume sheet. if you don’t have a professionally taken headshot, use the best equivalent selfie you have of yourself. Some actors put that picture in the upper right or left corner of their resume too (instead of on back) It’s ok if it’s color or black & white. It’s up to you! Keep in mind, your picture makes it SUPER easy to remember you when we’re auditioning dozens of new people.



– Appointments are scheduled every 10 minutes, with the last slot at 6:50pm to ensure we conclude by 7pm. We aim to have a seamless day of back-to-back auditions, filling up all the time slots. Slots will be filled sequentially to avoid gaps in scheduling & to guarantee the best use of everyone’s time. Friday, November 24 (430 to 6:50pm) will be filled FIRST
– Email appointment requests (4:30pm, 4:40pm, 4:50pm, etc) to   Appointments will be prioritized over walk-ins.


Additional Information

– Boulevard Theatre’s Artistic Director Mark Bucher, guest director David Flores, and guest director David Ferrie will be present for the auditions.
– We welcome artists aged 16 & up, from newcomers to established professionals from all backgrounds.

Boulevard will stage a concert reading in the first few months of 2024. An elevated concert style is utilized for our readings. Actors are asked to be 90%+ familiar w/the dialogue & text of the scripts used for our concert readings, which are best thought of as genuine, memorized productions, but without sets, costumes, etc. Our readings are fully rehearsed & contain carefully selected movement (blocking) & judiciously chosen narration.
For any questions, please reach out to Mark Bucher via a private message on Facebook.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to work with Boulevard Theatre, a respected local theatre company with a rich history. We look forward to seeing you at the auditions!

Warm regards,
Mark Bucher, Boulevard Theatre

Artistic Director, Mark Bucher
Artistic Director, Mark Bucher
Actor David Flores
Actor David Flores
Actor David Ferrie
Actor David Ferrie

This is an opportunity for local artists to work with a respected theatre company that pioneered the Bay View “renaissance.” Over our 38-year history, we have provided countless actors, directors, and administrators with significant opportunities. We pride ourselves on producing dynamic revivals of neglected masterworks and premiering overlooked new scripts. Our intimate and honest studio style combines the intricacies of a detailed acting class, the prestige of a theatrical showcase, and a deep dive into script analysis that is rarely seen today. Artists who collaborate with the Boulevard Theatre receive modest stipends and limited compensation. If you’re interested in our legacy, please visit our ‘Past Shows‘ page to explore our many successes.

Thank you.

Mark Bucher, Boulevard Theatre.