Marion Bridge

Dec 27, 2006 – Jan 14, 2007

Directed by: Mark Bucher

Milwaukee actresses Carol Hirschi, Cheryl Ann, Beth Monhollen portray three sisters (the failed actress “Agnes”, the responsible “Theresa,” & the recluse “Louise,” respectively) brought together by a family crisis.  They arrive at their ailing mother’s house in a small rural town in Canada and, in turn, discover that they have everything and nothing in common.  MacIvor’s lauded script tells the story of each sister with great humor and compassion as he relates how the sisters grew apart while simultaneously crafting a larger portrait of the modern family run aground on the rocky shores of materialism, apathy and dysfunction.  The New York Times called MARION BRIDGE  “a poignant and well-made family drama… well made, naturalistic and feminine… a solid core of emotional honesty… an old-fashioned play written with great care.

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March 14-25, 2007

Directed by: Mark Bucher

Boulevard’s Artistic Director Mark Bucher directs the Boulevard’s penultimate production that features local actors Amy Kull and Tom Dillon.  Ms. Kull has previously appeared in such varied Boulevard productions as Shakespeare’s classic comedies TWELFTH NIGHT & A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (“Olivia” & “Hermia, “ respectively) as well as other local companies (Windfall Theatre, Milwaukee Irish Arts).  Mr. Dillon has also appeared in many productions at the Boulevard, including the critically acclaimed production of A. R. Gurney’s sardonic satire MRS. FARNSWORTH and Stephen Adly Guirgis’ shocking biblical indictment THE LAST DAYS OF JUDAS ISCARIOT.  Mr. Dillon has also appeared with Windfall Theatre, as well as other Milwaukee theatre companies too numerous to mention.

Kull & Dillon appear as “Mona” (a civil service worker) & “Donal” (an employee of a British “bookie”), a young immigrant Irish couple from Belfast who find themselves adrift in 1960’s London, England with few friends and fewer plans.  McCafferty’s incisive writing sculpts the journey from youthful joy to bitter disillusionment with sharp dialogue and intuitive characterization.  The playwright writes not only of the eddying spiral of addiction (alcoholism) but of the murky depths of marriage and matrimony’s many challenges, including the difficulties of raising children, the inevitable loss of romance, and the inherent differences between what men and women want from marriage.  The moving, yet often funny, script deftly reveals McCafferty’s expansive gift for literary nuance, crackling dialogue and his great respect for his characters.  Ironically, THE DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES is a rich banquet for both actors and audiences, as McCafferty’s reduction of the J. P. Miller original treatment (made into a memorable film in the late 1960’s with Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick) loses nothing and gains incredible power & poignancy from eliminating narrative clutter and unnecessary characters.

Stage Manager Katlin Schneider, Scenic Designer Augusta York, Costume Designer Seth Phillips round out the creative team

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A Shot in the Dark

April 18 – May 6 2007

Directed by: Mark Bucher

Boulevard’s Artistic Director Mark Bucher directs a stellar cast of notable local Milwaukee artists (Jennifer LaPorte, Anne Miller, Liz Mistele, Joe Fransee, Al Dobyns, César Gamiño, Jaime Jastrab and Clare Zempel) in the revival of Harry Kurnitz’s delightful 1962 adaptation of the charming French comedy “L’Idiot” by noted author Marcel Achard. Achard’s saucy, lusty romp provided the basis for Blake Edward’s smash comedy film featuring Elke Sommer, George Sanders, and, of course, Peter Sellers. The storyline for Kurnitz’s treatment handles the investigation of a sordid murder in an elite Paris household circa 1962, the exposing of romantic trysts amongst both servant & master (or mistress?) and the eventual discovery of just who murdered the passionate Spanish chauffeur (who driving everyone in the household mad with desire!). Add a wide-eyed young magistrate, blend in an avaricious wife (or two), and toss in a suspicious sexpot maid and a delightful, frothy comedy is the result of this theatrical recipe. Perfect for Spring and even more appropriate for the close of the Ensemble’s triumphant 21st season.  Stage Manager Jason Alan, Scenic Designer Augusta York, Costume Designer Seth Phillips round out the creative team.


THOM PAINE (based on nothing)

Aug 15 – Sep 2, 2007

Directed by: Mark Bucher

The Milwaukee premiere of celebrated New York playwright Will Eno’s one-man monologue “THOM PAIN (based on nothing).” 

      A comically provocative journey of thought which amazed audiences in New York and captured bravura notices, THOM PAIN (based on nothing) is brought to life by local Milwaukee actor Tom Dillon. Dillon, a graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (May of 2003) with a B.A. Degree in Theatre, has performed throughout Milwaukee with countless theatre companies. Mr. Dillon has appeared numerous times with the Boulevard (Machiavelli’s THE MANDRAKE, Shakespeare’s TWELFTH NIGHT) and recently won raves for his performance in the Boulevard’s March, 2007 staging of the powerful THE DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES (along with the equally praised co-star Amy Kull).


Sep 12-30, 2007

Directed by: Mark Bucher

The wonderful Beth Monhollen is the tart “deLizious” filling in this sly sandwich of faith, hope & charity on wry that sardonically relates the saga of a religious order’s floundering on fiscal reefs when its prized, award-winning cheese ball recipe disappears with a renegade female supplicant (Beth Monhollen in the leading role of Sister Liz Donderstock). The characters include flaming gay waiters, stern chauvinist rectors and Cockney Ukrainians–everyone gets insulted and lampooned–enough said!

The other cast members include:
         Ruth Boulet, Kirsten Mulvey, Kathleen Williams, David Oplinger & Joshua Parkes. Boulevard audiences will certainly recall MsMulvey, who appeared alongside Ms. Monhollen in the Boulevard’s March, 2007 critical smash ALMOST, MAINE. That production sold out it’s entire run, including added performances. And MsBoulet has previously appeared with the Boulevard in its daring restaging of Shaw’s rare comedy THE MILLIONAIRESS while Ms. Williams has worked many times at the Boulevard (Shakespeare’s THE MERCHANT OF VENICE and PERICLES).
MrParkes won critical raves for his work as “Jesus” in the Boulevard’s controversial yet acclaimed September, 2007 production of Stephen Adly Guirgis’ THE LAST DAYS OF JUDAS ISCARIOT. MrOplinger makes his Boulevard debut in this production.


Oct 17-28, 2007

Directed by: Mark Bucher

Washburn’s quixotic script tells the tale of a young American executive
(César Gamiño) sent to an a troubled branch of an American business located in a mysterious Eastern European country, replete with mystery, danger and a mysterious blonde (Anne Miller) whose role in both the businessman’s corporate life and his personal life remains a truly mysterious “affair.” The American discovers a cover-up, corporate espionage and the possibility of genuine love–and all in less than 72 hours!

This wonderfully rich theatrical gambit contains scenes of emotional depth counterbalanced with scenes of raucaus sexuality and humor. And the production showcases a cast who are more than up to the challenge of playing this quixotic “Chekhovian” comedy. Anne Miller plays Sara, a lonely office worker who (unbeknownst to her corporate co-workers) meets the visiting American trouble-shooter Lowell at the airport (played by César Gamiño) and begins a clandestine affair with him, under the suspicious eyes of another co-worker Irene (Jennifer LaPorte). Washburn embroils the American in foreign affairs of every nature in this Pinter-like indictment of the “American abroad.” Other cast members include:  Marion Araujo, Chad Hilke, Tim Gunby, Philip Andrew Martin, and Jason Will.



Nov 14 – Dec 2, 2007

Directed by: Mark Bucher

Gurney’s delightful memory play of a family holiday dinner is set immediately in the post-War years in Buffalo, New York. Running November 14th through December 2nd, 2007, the cast includes many noted local actors, including : Maureen Dornemann, Jaime Jastrab, Sandra Stark, Mark Ninneman, Mark Neufang, Caitlin Kujawski, Hugh Blewett, and Joseph Redemann.

Artistic Director Mark Bucher directs the talented ensemble as they recreate a past world (circa late 1940’s) where a young boy’s mischievous deed of passing around a naughty sketch in Latin class registers as a social earthquake. Gurney’s young protagonist Eddie (actor Joe Redemann) attempts to quell the aftershocks of his artistic scandal at his Grandparents’ annual Christmas dinner. The tremors of this hilarious gaffe are kept active by his younger cousin’s attempt to blackmail him, his parents rocky marriage, and other family fissures (his gay uncle, his grandparent’s bickering, and more!). But Gurney creates more than a mere amusing family sketch. INDIAN BLOOD is that rare play that captures a milieu of another time and, yet, simultaneously comments on our own present culture with both great humor and fine delicacy of thought.