Moving On:

Why Boulevard Theatre Sold the Building on KK

Having played a leading role — perhaps the leading role — in in the economic and cultural transformation of its Kinnickinnic neighborhood, The Boulevard Theatre sold its storefront building (2252 South Kinnickinnic) in 2014.

“The sale of the building is testament to the increased property values in our neighborhood over the course of our tenure in Bay View – proving that the Boulevard created real economic value – and we intend to do so in the future,” said Boulevard’s 2014 Board President Holly Blomquist. “We felt we could put our newfound economic resources to better use by expanding the Boulevard’s artistic footprint in the city. We’ve occupied that storefront space on Kinnickinnic for 29 years, and owned the building for 12. During that time, the transformation of the Bay View community has been astounding – and we take great pride that the Boulevard has been credited time and again as being a catalyst for that transformation. We see this move as a chance to further enhance the quality of our performances, embark on transformational changes in new neighborhoods and set before our organization a meaningful strategic challenge. We did not want to fall in love with the bricks and mortar of our theater building – we want to make a more substantial investment in the art we create and the people with whom we engage. This is the vision of the Boulevard’s founder Mark Bucher and we can’t wait to embark on this new period of growth.”

The Boulevard Theatre Board of Directors looks forward to the opportunities the building sale will offer to the company and the Milwaukee community.

“We look forward to performing in different locations and creating new opportunities to celebrate culture – not just in the performance itself, but also in all of the events surrounding the performance: the excitement and anticipation of going to see a show; the shared experience with your friends and neighbors; the dinner before; the drink after; and, the discussions continuing for days (or weeks) because the piece stays with you,” Blomquist said. “We want the opportunity to be everyone’s “corner theatre,” and to bring people and communities together to share in these experiences.”

Since moving out of the old building on Kinnickinnic, Boulevard Theatre has already performed in new and exciting locations such as The South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center and The Walker’s Point Center for the Performing Arts. Stay tuned to learn where you can see us next!


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